Everything But the Quack:

Dino's Infamous 10 Courses of Duck

Dinner with the Duck

4 spots:   Wednesday December 5 at 7:00pm
Wait list only:   Thursday December 6 at 7:00pm

Just when you thought is was safe to waddle into the duck pond again, brace yourself.  We bring a quacking good night with a raft of bad puns and a flush of great duck dishes and a flock of amazing beer & wine.  Just LEAP into the middle of the flock.  Don't be a puddle duck.  It would be Daffy to miss it!

Dinner with the Duck is a 10 dish tasting celebrating everything ducky.  Dr Joe Jerglewicz is our duck supplier, and we will be using every part of his Pekin Ducks to bring you this special night.  So before its time to fly south for the winter, come is and enjoy our feast.  It looks like a lot of food, and it is, but this is a tasting portion sized menu.  As always, our selections are tentative due to the vagaries of Mother Nature.  We have limited spaces so don't squawk if you can't join the flock!

The cost of the meal is $59 per person plus tax & gratuity.  We will have a Montalcino Trio flight available for $30 and an Italian Beer flight for $18. Please call the restaurant for reservations as you cannot reserve thru open table for this event.  Have your credit card handy when you call to guarantee you reservation. 202-686-2966

The menu:

shredded duck neck "Vietnamese" summer roll

duck butt w/puntarella

baci: scallop & duck liver wrapped in pancetta

Tuscan scrapple: duck sausage stuffed duck neck  w/maple syrup

potato with black truffle & duck confit

duck "deli gut bomb" reuben ~
{duck "pastrami", duck liver, "quick sauerkraut", house russian dressing rye}

duck stock straciatella

cannelloni w/red wine & onion braised duck mushroom sauce

duck all'sapore: very slow cooked duck, citrus scented duck glaze

saffron panna cotta with caramelized duck cracklings

Menu is tentative and may change because of availability of seasonal ingredients at the market or because of too much drinking by the chef!  Bring your own Lipitor.  Don't look back, the duck may be gaining on you.  A duck in hand is a good thing!  A duck in nine saves time... no wait, a duck in 10 courses is too much which is just about perfect!  Past performance is not guarantee of future performance, but it was pretty damn tasty.  Don't miss out!