Feast of the No Less Than 9 Fish

Thursday December 19 'til Tuesday December 24

We will be opening at 4:00pm Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve, the feast is $59 per person and kids can enjoy the feast for $30 or order from our kid's menu.  We will also be serving a shortened version of our regualr menu as well.   We will not be offering our wine sale Christmas Eve.

While it is true that Italians often celebrate Christmas Eve with a seafood meal, there is no nation wide "Feast of the 7 Fish"  And even in places where there is a traditional meal, like Naples, it bears little resemblance to the ones you Italian Grandma served if you grew up with one in New Jersey.  But who wants to let knowlege get in the way of tradition and belief!  Especially in an election year!

Our feast is alwyas a combination of Gold Family traditions {my brother was married to a Catholic girl}, Italian American favorites and some Italian Christmas Eve traditions.  I mean what do you expect from a nice Jewish boy from LA? 

Per Entree

Cicchetti di Mare {Tiny Bites}
Anchovy Crostini
Nantucket Bay Scallop Crudo
Baccala {cod}



Fritto Misto di Mare
Mixed fried seafood in a spicy crust ~ lemon & ginger alioli



Nozze di Mare
"Wedding Soup of the Sea" 
Dino's fish meatball soup 



Pasta w/swordfish, capers & lemon
white wine, herbs, garlic on linguine



red wine seafood stew w/head on shrimp, scallops, fish, mussels

~ and your choice of~

Whole Fish {for 2 or more}
Today's Fillet w/Cara Cara orange & caper sauce



Your choice from our dessert menu