It's The Big Pig Charlie Brown ~ Part Deux: Only the Squeal Survives!


Whenever I get really ambitious, the big pig rises up out of the pig patch and looks at all the good boys and girls who love eating the porcine goodness that is heritage pork.  This time the big pig is a Mangalitsa pig from Bryan Kerny.  Weather you call it Mangalitsa (US spelling), Mangalitza (UK spelling) or Mangalica (original Hungarian spelling), this is one delicious pig. 

In the old days, before the pink pig and the idea of pork as the other white meat, pigs were raised for their fat content and flavor.  We honor that tradition every day by buying our pig from Bryan Weaver's Truck Patch Farms in Carol County Maryland.  Bryan, his family and team raise pigs the old fashioned way, out in the open, where they run around and eat mostly the stuff that pigs love to eat, and that come with running a small sustainable farm. 

An event like buying a whole Mangalitsa takes a lot of planning.  After all, our special guest star weighed in at about 300 pounds dressed weight {did you know that when a pig gets dressed, they lose about 25% of their body weight? That doesn't seem to happen when I get dressed!}

So last Tuesday, we had a 10 course Mangalitsa dinner.   But there is still plenty of the pig to go around!  


April 10 'til She's Gone!


Eat High on the Hog: The Big Pig ~ The Rest of the Story!

MangalitsaTasting Menu for $49 or Enjoy our Mangalitsa Specialties a la carte

There is more to a pig than the chops: the feet, belly, shoulders, neck & head are all incredibly delicious.  And there is more of these yummy parts than we can use in one night at Dino, no matter how big a pig we make of ourselves.  So 'til shes gone, its the Big Pig: The Rest of the Story.  Mangalitsa piggie specials will abound on our menu and we will have a $49 tasting menu as well! 

Mangalitsa Pate ~ wild mushroom & Mangalitsa pate plus rillettes on a crostini made from Mangalitsa leg meat.  The rilletes will run out first and then we will have a Mangalitsa Bolognese crostini instead.  

Mangalitsa Tuscan Bacon Wrapped Radicchio
 ~ we got some early spring radicchio from The Farm at Sunnyside. Grilled and wrapped in our braised Mangalitsa belly then crisped on the griddle, it is a blend of the spicy/bitter flavors of incredible radicchio with piggy goodness.  

Canestri w/Mangalista ~ a rich tomato sauce with lots of Mangalitsa in it on our house made "shell" shaped pasta is another great starter.

Mangalitsa Stew ~ slow simmered, shredded sirloin and shoulder meat on mashed root veggies & potatoes

And don't think we have left out dessert.... inspired by our Passover Nutella cookie dessert 

Chocolate, Nutella, Pretzel, Hazelnut & Pistachio Cookie with Mangalitsa fat topped by pistachio gelato as our dessert