Dino Turns Eight ~ Lets Eat!


Dino Turns Eight

When asked why we opened Dino, we now answer with the truth: Stupidity and Insanity!  Join us and celebrate Dino's eighth anniversary of having a whole lot of fun while enjoying no money & no free time!  We are offering an anniversary Tasting Menu featuring Venetian flavors July 5 thru 14 and the flavors of Montalcino July 15 thru 31.  Come in and order one of the anniversary feasts, or say "Happy Anniversary" or say, "Where is my free wine?" and we will share a splash of something good with you out of Dino's cellar.  We will be pouring some really great stuff, many of the bottles ones we have had in the cellar for years! 
The Montalcino feast has a selection of Montalcino antipasti followed by a trio of pasta, a choice of entrees and dessert.  The feasts are $44 and there will be an optional wine flight available with both.

Thru July 31

Cellar Treasures

Come in and order one of our anniversary feasts, or say "Happy Anniversary" or say "Where is my free wine?" and we will share a splash of something good with you.  Starting on the 5th, we will have super selections of old and special stuff for you.   On July 18, we turn to Montalcino with really special Brunellos, aged Rossos or some California cabs that are similarly structured to Montalcino reds

The rules: we have open what we have.  Nope, you can't buy a glass.  You have to ask.  You have to be having dinner.  When the bottle is gone, it's gone.  Some wines will be better than others.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  Don't look back, there may be something large with sharp teeth wearing a bib and carrying a bottle of condiment following you!


July 15 thru July 31

A Dinner Party in Montalcino

Our other favorite place in Italy has to be Montalcino. Home to our favorite wine, Brunello di Montalcino and to a rugged cuisine based on local meats and veggies, it is home to our hearts. Kay & I have shared many friends, wonderful days and fights in Montalcino! What more can you ask?

Our Montalcino menu is 4 courses for $44 and a Rosso & Brunello di Montalcino flight {2 amazing Rosso di Montalcino and a spectacular Brunello} is an additional $25.

The Menu

Please note, the menu is very tentative and may change due to availability of produce or just because I think of something else to cook!

Antipasti Montalcinese
Lengua {tongue w/salsa verde}
Trippa {saffron tripe w/cannellini beans}
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

All'Aglione {garlic & tomatoes}
Alla Briciole {roasted garlic, herbs & breadcrumbs}
Cinghiale Rosso {wild boar}

Wild Boar Chop w/Dolce Forte aka "Tuscan Mole" +$6
or: Pork Roast "Jailer's Style"
or: Roast Duck Leg w/Grilled Radicchio, blackberries & fingerling potato

Cheeses {3 ages/styles of pecorino}
Ricotta mousse with balsamico & berries