Buon Capo d'Anno da Dino!


Reservations 4:00 'til 10:30 pm
Our reguular Kid's menu served for reservations from open 'til 5:30pm

Dine early: reserve from 4:30 'til 5:30
5 courses plus treats & a welcome splash of prosecco for $59
please allow a maximum of 2.5 hours to complete your dinner from the time of your reservation
Regular Kid's menu served
{kids up to 6 for $8 ~ kids up to 11 for $16 ~ or kid's can have the "adult menu" for $30}

Dine later: reserve from 6:00 pm 'til 10:30
please allow a maximum of 2.5 hours to complete your dinner from the time of your reservation
5 courses plus treats & a welcome splash of prosecco for $79
If you wish to spend New Years with us reserve at 8:30 or later!

Wine flights are prosecco plus 
"Damned Good" for $49
"OMFG" {Oh my! Fine Grapes!} for $79


The Menu


Diavola w/caviar & aioli
Vadouvin deviled egg
Prosecco Splash

Per Buona Fortuna...

Celebrate the New year with a good luck treat:
Prosecco Toast & Lenticche e Cotechino
vegetarian "Beluga" lentil stew w/ Cotechino {traditional New Year's Sausage}
or Gorgonzola for vegetarians



Your choice of

Scallop Crudo
w/black truffle

Roseda Beer Tartare, anchovy, lemon, garlic, rosemary, olive oil

Pate Plate
Testa, Rilettes, Boar Pate

Root Veggies
w/fonduta & truffle



Your choice of

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Pecorino, Raisins w/Fresh Tomato Sauce

Zuppa di Frutti di Mare
garlicky tomato broth w/large prawn, sea scallop, fish, clams, mussels, grilled bread


Pappardelle ai Cinghiale
our signature pasta ~ wild boar with spices, olives, tomato, red wine, raisins & garlic ~ pecorino cheese



Your choice of
Fish of the Day
Boar Chop
Tuscan Mole
Roseda Beef Filet
red wine sauce & Castelmagno cheese
Border Springs Lamb Shank
grilled & braised w/red wine & garlic
Pan Roasted Matsutaake & Chanterelle Mushrooms
braised savoy cabbage, decadent black truffle butter


Your choice of

Something Decadently Chocolatly
very rich chocolate "pot au creme" w/smith & crosse Jamaican rum & ginger smoothered in whipped cream

cheesecake w/Kabocha squash, spiced ginger, nuts, pumpkin sauce

Gianduia Nico
layered gelato: chocolate with chocolate bits & hazelnut with chopped roasted hazelnuts ~ chocolate sauce & vanilla whipped cream

Nutella Bread Pudding
made with real Italian Nutella

a selection of cheeses

All selections subject to change for reasons of availability

Our 5 course New Year’s Feast will be served by reservation starting at 4:00pm.  You may reserve for any time from 4:30 until 10:30pm. 

Dine early: reserve from 4:00 'til 5:30
5 courses for $59
Kid's menu served
{kids up to 6 for $8 ~ kids up to 11 for $16 ~ or kid's can have the "adult menu" for $30}

Dine later: reserve from 6:00 pm 'til 10:30
we allow 2.5 hours to complete your New Year's Feast fromt he time of your reservation
5 courses plus treats for $79
If you wish to spend New Years with us reserve at 9:00 or later!

Wine flights are prosecco plus 

"Damned Good" for $49
"OMFG" for $79

All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card: 48 hours cancellation notice for full refund

If you wish to ring in the New Year's at Dino, please reserve for 9:00 or later
Please allow a maximum of 2-1/2 hours from the time of your reservation to complete your meal if you reserve before 9:00pm





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Photos by Charles Borst & Adam Parr

Chef & Owner: Dean Gold

Dino supports artisan producers & traditional foods

We prefer& locally grown heirloom varieties and organically grown foods.  

Dino serves meat & fish from sustainable farms & fisheries




Suggested Menus
Dishes listed are subject to change due to seasonal availability

We serve family style meals where your guest get to enjoy a large number of flavors.  Each course consists of several courses presented on platters and guests serve themselves.  We can choose wines to match in advance so all you do is arrive, sit, and the food & wine starts coming. 

Our menu changes often due to seasonal availability of items.  Please take a look at the regular menu and we can customer design your dinner with most anything you see there. 


Our Most Popular Menu
The Family Style Feast


$63 per person


fresh bufala cheese airfreighted in twice a week from Puglia, served with a duo of tapenades & oven roasted tomato

Calamari Fritti
lightly battered calamai with a spicy red pepper & tomato sauce

our Venetian style meatballs braised in tomato sauce


Pappardelle ai Cinghiale
wild boar pasta ~ house made ribbon pasta with a braised wild boar sauce with spices & raisins

seasonal filling with a tomato & cheese sauce, baked

or: Risottto
seasonal vegetarian & gluten free


Sustainable Fish or Amish Chicken
fish of the day or chicken cooked under a brick
{Primce may ry with fish avaiability}

Roseda Beef Sirloin Steak
served sliced with salsa verde
Or: Bistecca Fiorentina {add $4}
1 kilo t-bone steaks grilled simply

secondi are served with sauteed seasonal greens & Tuscan roasted potatoes


Torte di Ciocolato
intense chocolate & espresso cake


Deluxe Feast with Passed Antipasti

$85 per person


Involtini ~ burrata with prosciutto
Calamari Fritti ~ fried calamari
Carcioffi Fritti ~ fried baby artichokes
Fegatini ~ duck liver crostini


Salumi ~ assorted cured meats ~ house pickle ~ olives
Baci Italiani ~ pancetta wrapped crispy duck liver & scallop packets
Capesante ~ seared scallops with lemon caper butter


house made  pasta ~ wild boar rago ~ pecorino cheese

seasonal filling with a tomato & cheese sauce, baked


seared scallops with Aperol butter

Bistecca Fiorentina
1 kilo t-bone steaks grilled simply

secondi are served with sauteed seasonal greens & Tuscan roasted potatoes


Fruit Torta
sewasonal fruit baked in a spiced Tuscan batter

Torte di Ciocolato
rich chocolate cream on a spiced walnut crust.

Simple Family Style Menu

$50 per person


cheese selection

Verdure del Stagionata
seasonal veggies ~ grilled, roasted or marinated


Risotto or Pappardelle ai Funghi
mushroom pasta on house made ribbin pasta

seasonal filling with a tomato & cheese sauce, baked


Amish Chicken
young chicken pan roasted

local farms beef with anchovy salsa verde

secondi are served with sauteed seasonal greens & Tuscan roasted potatoes


liqueur soaked ladyfingers with mascarpone & cocoa

Group Dinner

$45 per person

Choice of soup or salad

Pasta Course {Cannelloni, boar or sugo}

Amish Chicken or Local Raised Steak {Fish +$3, Bistecca +5}

Choice of Dessert {Tiramisu, or fruit or Chocolate Torta}




This wine list mostly correct as of June 14, 2013.  and guaranteed to be sorta right ... for the next few hours.... Of course we'll respect you in the morning!
Any typos are the fault of little purple space creatures

See The Dino Wine Book

(opens a rather large pdf file) 



Click for large photo Click for large photo Click for large photo

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Doug Heye wrote in the Fall 2007 Issue of Capitol file Magazine:

"Perhaps no restaurant in Washington is more passionate about wine, especially Italian wines, than Cleveland Park's Dino, thanks to its owner, Dean Gold. Many of the wines are described in detail on a list that is both informative and educational. Every corner of Italy is represented, with a special emphasis on wines from the Veneto, ... "Every wine is on here because I love it for what it is and for what it costs," says Gold."

Sunday Monday: 33% off wines $50+

$18 Wine Special: Our Choice of Red or White
& Free Corkage every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Otherwise our corkage fee is:  $20 per bottle
plus: free corkage on one bottle for every bottle you buy from our list

When ordered with entree or pasta per person. Limit one bottle per person.  Gratuity may be added for parties of 6 or more.

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Fizz & Pinks

fizz ~ Bella Costa {Prosecco} Treviso    
8   flute ~ 39

Patio Pinks ~ three 3oz pours of our pink trio    12

pink ~ Librandi “Ciro Rosato”   {Gaglioppo}  Calabria ‘12   
4 ~ 10 ~ 30

pink ~ Maculan Costadolio Rosato {Merlot}   
5 ~ 12 ~ 35

pink ~ Gueissard Bandol Rose {Cinsault, Mourvedre, Grenache}   
5 ~ 14 ~ 40

Whites    {listed lighter to richer}    3oz ~ 8oz ~ bt

lush ~ Librandi “Ciro Bianco” {Greco} Calabria ‘11   
4 ~ 10 ~ 30

refreshing ~ Borgo M {Friulano} Grave del Friuli ‘10  
4 ~ 11 ~ 33

bracing ~  Sanguinetti   {Vermentino}    Toscana ‘12   
5 ~ 12 ~ 36

traditions ~ La Slina “Georgio Cherico” {Gavi} Gavi   ‘12   
5 ~ 12 ~ 36

refreshing ~ Pieropan   {Garganiga}   Soave ‘11   
4 ~ 11 ~ 33

fully blown ~ Bucci {Verdicchio} Marche ‘11   
5 ~ 14 ~ 42

Red    {smoother to more robust}    3oz ~ 8oz ~ bt

soft tannins ~ Los Osos  {Cabernet, Tempranillo}   Espania ‘11  
4 ~ 9 ~ 27

spicy ~ Le Rote {Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malavasia} Chianti Senesi ‘10   
4 ~ 10 ~ 30

explosive ~ Clifton   {Pinot Noir}   Sonoma County ‘11   
6 ~ 15 ~ 45

explosive ~ Terra Elima {Nero d’Avola}   Sicilia ‘10   
4 ~ 10 ~ 30

rustic  ~ Bisceglia {Aglianico}   Vulture ‘10   
4 ~ 11 ~ 33

huge ~  Perazzeta “Erio”   {Sangiovese, Cab, Syrah, Merlot} ‘11   
6 ~ 15 ~ 45

delightful ~ San Polo “Rubio” {Sangiovese +} Montalcino ‘10   
5 ~ 14 ~ 42

rustic ~  Sanguineti “Nessun Dorma” {Sangiovese. Merlot, Syrah} ‘09   
6 ~ 15 ~ 45


Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Red Bubbles

The bright acidity of these red bubblies makes a perfect match with prosciutto & charcuterie 
from aggressively dry to rich

beautiful, very rich, dry}    Saetti    {Lambrusco}  
Salamino di Santa Croce ‘11    45

{intense, old vines, dry}    Fiorini “Terre al Sole”  
{Lambrusco  Grasparossa}   Castelvetro    39

{dry & full!}     Pedezana   {Lambrusco Grasparossa}  
Castelvetro    42

{just off dry, medium}    Fiorini “Becco Rosso”  
{Lambrusco  Grasparossa}   Castelvetro    30

{lightly sweet}     Chiarli “Amabile”   {Lambrusco}
Castelvetro    30


Superb food wines!  Listed from driest & crispest to most lush. 

Pizzini “Bagnadore Riserva”    {Pinot Nero Chardonnay}  
Franciacorte ‘04    120

Chiarli “Rose”   {Lambrusco +}   
Modena    42

Alice “Brut Doro”   {Prosecco Superiore}  
Valdobbiadene  ‘09        65

{Drink It!!}    Bellavista “Cuvee Brut” 
{Chardonnay, Pinot Nero} Franciacorta    85

{Drink It!!}    Bellavista “Cuvee Brut Rose ” 
{Chardonnay, Pinot Nero} Franciacorta    95

Barone Pizzini Franciacorte “Brut Rose”  
{Pinot Nero, Chardonnay}    99

Bellavista “Saten”   {Chardonnay}  
Franciacorta    130

Bella Costa   {Prosecco}  
Treviso, Veneto       39

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Pink & Light Reds
Warning: May change your drinking habits!
Fabulous summer sipping, even in spring!

Cocevola “Rosato”   {Nero di Troia}  
Castel del Monte ‘09    33

Librandi “Ciro Rosato”   {Gaglioppo}  
Basilicata ‘12    30

Maculan “Costadolio Rosato” {Merlot}  
Breganze, Veneto ‘12    35

Gueissard “Bandol Rose” {Cinsault, Mourvedre, Grenache} 
Francia    40

Edi Simcic “Duet Rose”   {Merlot}   Brda.
Slovenia ‘12    50

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Vini Bianchi

Refreshing:  Crisp, Light, Quaffable
Super sippers, perfect as an aperitivo or with lighter foods

Dubbini “Bianco” {Grechetto}
Orvieto ‘12    30

Borgo M {Friulano}  
Grave del Friuli ‘10    33

{Drink It!!}   Pieropan   {Garganega}  
Soave, Veneto ‘11    33

Mt Fasolo “Milante”    {Incrocio Manzone, Chard, S & P Blanc}   

Veneto ‘11    36

{Drink It!!}   Kenneth Volk   {Verdelho}  
Paso Robles ‘10    40


Lush: Floral, Tropical, Intense
Wines loaded w/ varietal character, packed with flavors

Librandi “Ciro Bianco” {Greco}
Ciro ‘12    30

Frentana “Terre Valse”   {Cococciola} 
Chieti ‘11    36

Inama “Vin Soave”   {Garganega}  
Soave, Veneto ‘11    39

Cecilia   {Ansonica}  
Isola d’Elba, Toscana ‘11    51

{Drink It!!}   Vignetti Massa   {Timorosso}  
Derthona Piemonte ‘10       69


Bracing: Mineral, Herbal, Lemony
Wines about leanness & crispness, great with seafood & lighter meats

{Drink It!!}   Sanguinetti   {Vermentino}   
Toscana ‘12    36

Inama “Vignetto Foscarino”   {Garganega}  
Soave ‘10    54

Abbazia di Novacella   {Kerner}
Alto Adige ‘11    44

Prima Terra “Carlaz”   {Vermentino}
Cinque Terre ‘09    99


Traditions: Texture, Spice, Earth, Nuts, Tang
These wines are not about fruit but mouthfeel, textures, style

{Drink It!!}   La Slina “Georgio Cherico” {Gavi}   
Gavi, Piemonte ‘12    36

Eyrie   {Pinot Gris}  
Oregon ‘10    38   

Monte Tondo   {Garganiga}  
Soave ‘11    42

{Drink It!!}   Occhipinti “SP68” {Albanello, Moscato d’Allesandrio}
Sicilia ‘10    54

Cecilia “Zeta del Tucano”   {Vermentino}  
Isola di Elba, Toscana ‘11    57

I Clivi    {Friulano}   
Corno di Rosazzo, Colli Orientali del Friuli ‘12    62


Fully Blown: Rich, Round, Butter, Toast, Creamy, Ripe

{Drink It!!}   Bucci   {Verdicchio}  
Castelli di Jesi ‘11    42

Inama “Vignetto Du Lot”   {Garganega}  
Soave ‘10    59

Ronco del Gnemiz “Bianco San Zuan”   {Friulano}  
Colli Orientali del Friuli ‘09    65


Anti Technology: “Orange” Wines Made the Old Fashioned Way
Challenging dark colored wines made with long macerations, little sulfites, filtration or fining, a totally unique experience!

+ {Drink It!!}   Denavolo “Catavella”   {Malavasia}  
Emilian Romagna ‘11    38

+ Movia   {Ribolla Gialla}  
Brda, Slovenia ‘08    50

+ Selvadolce   {Pignato}  
Ligure ‘10    54

+ Occhipinti “SP68” {Albanello, Moscato d’Allesadrio}
Sicilia ‘11    54

+ {Drink It!!}   Zidarich “Prulke”   {Sauvignon, Vitovska, Malavasia}  
Carso, Friuli ‘10    75

+ Radikon “Oslavje”    {PG, Sauv, Chard}  
Venezia Giulia ‘04        500 ml  79

+ Prima Terra “Harmoge”   {Vermentino, Bosco, Albarola}  
Cinque Terre ‘08    110


See The Dino Wine Book
{opens a rather large pdf file}

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

Vini Rossi

Delightful: Rich, Straightforward, Friendly, Gulpable
Easy to drink wines that are fruit driven and uncomplicated

Degani   {Valpolicella}  
Veneto ‘11    27

Canetta “Zenit”   {Sangiovese, Merlot}  
San Gimignano ‘10    30

{Drink It!!}   Tami by Occhipinti   {Nero d’Avola}  
Sicilia ‘11    38

Per Alessandra   {Barbera}  
d’Alba ‘10    39

San Polo “Rubio”   {Young Vines Sangiovese +} 
Montalcino ‘10        42

{Drink It!!}   San Polo   {Sangiovese}  
Rosso di Montalcino ‘10    54


Explosive: Ripe, Juicy, Fresh, Berry Flavors
Berries & grape flavors abound.  Love them with salumi & formaggi

Terra Elima   {Nero d’Avola}  
Sicilia ‘10        30

{Drink It!!}   Tami by Occhipinti   {Frappato}  
Sicilia ‘11    38

Abbazia di Novacella   {Lagrein}  
Alto Adige ‘10    44

{Drink It!!}   Clifton    {Pinot Noir}  
Sonoma  ‘11    45

Occhipinti “SP68”   {Nero d’Avola, Frappato}  
Sicilia ‘12    59

Occhipinti “Siccagno”   {Nero d’Avola}  
Sicilia ‘10    89

Elegant: Round, Composed, Focused
Wines that don’t beat you up with ripeness & oak, but show their terroirPer Linda

{Drink It!!}   Monte Dall’Ora    “Saseti”   {Corvina et al}  
Valpolicella ‘11    38   

Antonelli “Rosso di Montefalco”   {Sangiovese. Sagrantino}  
Montefalco ‘09    54

Selvole   {Sangiovese}  
Chianti Classico ‘09    50

Altesino   {Sangiovese}  
Rosso di Montalcino ‘10    58

Il Conventino   {Prugnolo}  
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ‘09    69

Croatto “Clas”   {Merlot}  
Grave del Friuli ‘09    75

Costanti    {Sangiovese}
Rosso di Montalcino ‘10    79

Cecilia “Imago ~ Riserva”   {Sangiovese, Syrah}  
Isola d’Elba ‘06    99


Huge: Ripe, Extracted, Heady
Whether an Amarone or a late harvest Zin: lush, ripe and powerful

Di Lenardo   “Vignetti di Lis Maris” {Refosco}  
Veneto ‘11    27

Verso   {Primitivo}  
Salento, Puglia NV    33

Degani “Cicilio Ripasso” {Corvina et al}  
Valpolicella ‘10    42

Perazzeta “Erio”   {Sangiovese, Merlot Cab, Syrah}  
Montenerone d’Orcia ‘11    45

Vignabaldo “L’Orma”   {Sagrantino}  
di Montefalco ‘06    54

{Drink It!!}   Monte dall’Ora    “Sausto” {Corvina}  
Ripasso ‘07    78

Spicy: Racy, Opulent, Full, Tannic
Big, loaded with the flavors of black pepper & other hard spices.

Giuseppi Bocchino “Arduine” {Barbera}  
d’Asti ‘11    33

Le Rote   {Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malavasia}  
Chianti Colli Senesi ‘10    36

Klee    {Pinot Noir}  
Oregon ‘11    39

Cascina Corte “Camerino”   {Dolcetto}  
di Dogliani ‘10    41

Coroncino “Ganzarello”   {Sangiovese, Syrah}  
Rosso Piceno, Marche ‘09    45

David Noyes   {Pinot Noir}  
Sonoma Coast ‘09    54

{Drink It!!}   Le Chiuse   {Sangiovese}  
Rosso di Montalcino ‘09    59   

Occhipinti   {Frappato}  
Sicilia ‘10    79

Cecilia “Oglassa”   {Syrah}  
Elba, Toscana ‘08    89

Rustic: Earthy, Funky, Old School
Wines that eschew modernity & celebrate terroir: old fashioned flavors & textures.  Needless to say some of our favorites!

Bisceglia   “Terre del Vulcano” {Aglianico}  
Vulture, Basilicata ‘10    33

{Drink It!!}   Paternina    “Banda Azul” {Temperanillo}  
Rioja, Espana ‘07    36

Sanguineti “Nessun Dorma”   {Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah}  
Toscana ‘09    45

Brigaldara “Ripasso Vegro”   {Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, +}
Valpolicella ‘09    59

Glen Manor   {Cabernet Franc}  
Virginia ‘10        65

Grillo   {Freisa, Barbera, Dolcetto, Merlot}  
Monferrato, Piemonte ‘04    69

CUNE “Imperial Gran Riserva”    {Tempranillo}  
Rioja, Espania ‘01    120

Traditional: Herbs, Leather, Earth, Woods
Wines that celebrate terroir, texture & traditional flavors over fruit.

Begali “Ripasso”   {Corvina et al}  
Valpolicella ‘10       35

Monteseccondo Rosso   {Sangiovese} Toscana
‘11    50

Salicuti   {Sangiovese}  
Rosso di Montalcino ‘06    54

Cascina Corte   {Barbera}  
Piemonte ‘09    63

Carpineto   {Sangiovese}  
Brunello di Montalcino ‘07    69 ***
*** wine madness price every day

Eyrie   {Pinot Noir}  
Willamette Valley ’10    95

{Drink It!!}   Le Chiuse   {Sangiovese}  
Brunello di Montalcino ‘06    99

Brigaldara    “Amarone” {Corvina etc}  
Valpolicella ‘08    109


Soft Tannins: Gentle Red Wines
Drink red wine with fish & other lighter dishes.  Here are a few to try.

Tres Osos   {Cabernet, Tempranillo}  
Espania ‘11    27

Sant’Antonio “Nanfre”   {Corvina +}  
Valpolicella, Veneto ‘10        32

Giuseppi Bocchino “L’Aurelio”   {Nebbiolo}  
d’Alba ‘10    40

Raptor Ridge    {Pinot Noir}  
Willamette, Oregon ‘10    50

Dal Maso “Colpizzarda”   {Tai ~ Grenache}  
Colle Berici, Veneto ‘08    54


Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}   {Halfs}  

See The Dino Wine Book
(opens a rather large pdf file)

  Half Bottles

Sometime a quartin is not enough, a bottle too much!

{white}   McCrea   {Marsanne}  
Washington State ‘06    25

Glen Manor    {Sauvignon Blanc}   
Virginia ‘10    25

{red}   Costanti   {Sangiovese}  
Brunello di Montalcino ‘05    75

Go to:   {By the Glass}   {Bubbles}   {Bianchi}   {Pinks}   {Rossi}  



Click for large photo


enjoy your dessert & after dinner drink or liqueur for half off when you order a starter & a main
dessert & an after dinner drink half off when you order a starter & a main {or enjoy today’s complementary house “cello”}

Fabian’s Fabulous Meyer Lemon Cello or Blood Orangecello    7

Duck Fat, Nutella, Chocolate, Pretzel Cookie    {contains nuts*}
rich crumbly cookie w/hazelnuts & pistachios ~ pistachio gelato

Rhubarb    {gf, vg}
local rhubarb stewed w/strawberry preserves ~ ricotta di bufala di Madara w/maple syrup

Old Chandler Strawberries in Balsamico or on Gelato     9     {gf, vgn}

Nutella Bread Pudding    {vg, contains nuts}
Italian nutella, pane di casa, Trickling Springs cream, Hares Valley egg, Agostoni chocolate gelato

Apple “Pancake”    {vg}
rustic local apple torta ~ spiced Tuscan batter ~ house true Ceylon cinnamon bark gelato ~ Saba

Olive Oil Roasted Apples    {gf, vgn, contains nuts*}
Heyser Farms York apple ~ Campari grapefruit ~ cumin spiced walnuts & mint

Chocolate Torta    {gf, vg, contains nuts}
Agostoni Italian chocolate cream ~ buttery spiced walnut crumble crust ~ vanilla whipped cream

Tiramisu    {vg, contains nuts}
“pick~me~up” ~ Frangelico, Carolans Irish & Drumgray Scotch cream liqueurs ~ chocolate sauce

Carandini Balsamico con Gelato    9    {gf, vg}
rich & naturally thick, aged Carandini balsamico atop house vanilla bean gelato

Gianduia “Nico”    {gf, vg, contains nuts}
inspired by Gelateria Nico in Venezia ~ bittersweet chocolate gelato w/chopped chocolate ~ hazelnut gelato w/toasted hazelnuts ~ chocolate sauce ~ vanilla whipped cream

Boozy Sorbetti Fatti in Casa    {gf, vgn}
we make the fruit base for our spirited, adults~only sorbetti from local and/or organic stuff!
orange, El Dorado rum ~ organic grapefruit w/Campari, New Amsterdam gin ~ local white peach, Johnny Drum 86 bourbon

Gelati Fatti in Casa    {gf, vg, contains pistachio nuts}
house made w/Trickling Springs milk & Hares Valley egg ~ Agostoni chocolate ~ real pistachio ~ real cinnamon

Gelato Affogato    {gf, vg}
house vanilla bean gelato drowned in espresso

Gelato Ubriaco Ciocolato    {gf, vg}
house vanilla bean gelato drowned in rum spiked hot chocolate w/whipped cream


Formaggi di Dino: Cheese

Capra Cremosa Tartufato    4
{goat, cream added ~ fresh ~ black truffle} Cuneo: tangy, lactic, fresh, made w/Summer black truffle

Alta Langhe “Langa Bocconcini”    4
{goat, white rind} Cuneo: goat cheese in a Brie style, “goat”-y spice, a bit funky, creamy

Famiglia Busti “Pecorino Roncione”    5
{sheep ~ raw ~ stone cellar aged under straw} Toscana: rich, grassy, spicy with a funky finish

Castelmagno     6
{cow, sheep ~ raw} Made in 3 alpine villages from raw milk w/natural bluing, this rich, sharp flavored cheese is dry & crumbly.  My favorite cheese in the world! Very rare & wonderful

Guffanti Provolone “Mandarino”     5
{cow ~ raw ~ aged} Lombardia: You simply have to put this cheese, cut from 80# salty balls,
in your mouth to understand how good it is ~ melts in your mouth!

Guffanti Formaggio di Fossa     5
{sheep ~ raw ~ cave aged} Toscana: aged in a ditch in a tufa cave in Solignano making for very STRONG cheese.  Not for cheese wimps! Served w/honey to tame it

Carpenedo Blu ‘61   4
{cow ~ aged} Treviso: aged in grape must & cranberries, semi soft w/rich winy tang, creamy w/a bite

Guffanti Erborinato Pecorino Blu    5
{sheep, cow ~ raw} Piemonte: Toma allowed to blue naturally: can be a bit strong & pungent




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Happy Hour at Dino!

from Open til 7:00 pm

Three for All Happy Hour!
$3 off all wines by the glass {8oz}, beers, craft cocktails, antipasto plus a daily special $6 cocktail. 

Cocktails Alla Fabian

Apricot Basil “Shrub”tail ~ El Dorado rum, Soda    11

Pushing up the Shrub ~  El Dorado rum, Cocchi rosa,
strawberry shrub, lemon juice    11

Beautiful Black Cocktail: local blackberry rum, Cinzano rosso,
lemon juice, cinnamon syrup    11

Rickey’s Raspberry local raspberry infused gin, lime, soda    10

“Made Man”~hattan {Fabian’s Italian Manhattan}
Johnny Drum Bourbon, Averna, Cocchi, Jerry Thomas bitters    11

SP69: Prosecco, Acqua di Cedro, lemon juice, orange bitters    10

Bellini  w/House Local Fruit Essence    9
blackberry, Old Chandler strawberry or white peach   

Aperol Spritz: the Venetian aperitif! Aperol, white wine & soda    9

The Art of the Negroni    9

Leone: Luxardo, Plymouth, Carpano Antica Formula

“Z”groni: Zucca, Royal Dock of Deptford gin, Dolin dry vermouth

Carcioffi: Cardamaro,  New Amsterdam Gin, Cinzano rosso

The Street of Negroni Dreams: Bourbon, Byrrh, Cocchi Americano

Kill Chandler: Chandler Strawberry Balsamico Shrub, Royal Dock Gin


Menabrea  ~~ Blonde Lager {Italia}   6

Baltimore Washington Brewing ~~ “The Raven Special Lager” & “Tell Tale Heart IPA”  {MD}    6

Tupper’s ~~ “Keller Pilsner” {VA}    7

The Brewers Art  ~~ “Ozzy Belgian Strong”  {PA}    7

Williamsburg Alewerks ~~ “RedMarker Ale” {VA}    6

Avery ~~ “White Rascal Belgiun Style Wit”  {CO}    6

Del Ducato  ~~ “Nuova Mattina” {ginger, coriander, chamomille, peppercorn} Parma    12 / 11 oz

Del Borgo  ~~ “ReAle” {gentian root} Lazio    12 / 12.7 oz

Baladin    ~~    “Isaac” {refreshing apricot flavored wit} Piemonte    10 / 8.4 oz

Grado Plato  ~~ “Strada San Felice” {chestnut}    17 / 16.9oz

Gluten Free Beer  ~~  New Planet   ~~ “Pale Ale”    6

Non Alcoholic Beer  ~~  Erdinger    6

Hard Apple Cider  ~~  Jack’s Hard Cider {PA}    6


Svedka   {grain}      7
Fair Trade Vodka   {quinoa}    8
Liv   {potato}      8
Hangar One   {wheat, viognier aquavite}      8


New Amsterdam   7
Death’s Door    8
Catoctin “Watershed”    9
Washington DC’s Green Hat    9
Bulldog London Dry     8
Bluecoat    8
Junipero    9
Bulldog London Dry   8
Plymouth    9
Tanquerey London Dry    9
Hendrick’s    9
Beefeater    8
Royal Dock of Deptford “Navy Strength”    9
Bol’s Genever    11
Hayman’s Old Tom Style   {sweet}      8
Averell Damson Gin    8


Single Malt & Blended Scotch & Irish Whiskey

Bruichladdich   {Islay} “Laddie Unpeated”    16
Bruichladdich   {Islay} “Rocks”    16
Bruichladdich  {Islay} “Octomore” 5 year    24/1oz
Virginia Distillery Co. Highland “VA Port Cask”    12
Glendronach 12 yr   {Highland}      15
Tobermory 10 yr   {Isle of Mull}       18
Dewars White Label    8
Johnny Walker “Black”    12
Jameson Irish Whiskey    8
Slieve Fox 8 year Irish Whiskey    12

American Whisky, Rye, Bourbon

Old Overholt Rye    7
Catoctin Creek “Roundstone Rye”    12
Dad’s Hat “Pennsylvania Rye”    12
Willett “Single Barrel Rye” 4 Year    18

Johnny Drum Sour Mash 86 Proof Bourbon    7
Rowan’s Creek Single Batch Kentucky Bourbon    10
Noah’s Mill Kentucky Bourbon    13
Four Roses “Single Barrel”    16
Wild Turkey “Kentucky Spirit”    18
Jack Daniels Tennessee Sour Mash    8
Willett Pot Still Reserve 94 Proof    10
Willett Single Cask Stength Bourbon
Thresher 8 Year    22
Willett  Single Cask Stength Bourbon
“Southern BBQ” 8 Year    22

Rum Mexcal & Tequila etc.

El Dorado White Rum    7
El Dorado “Demerara” 5yr    8
Fabian’s Granddad’s Recipe House Spiced Appleton VX    9
Neisson Rhum Agricole White    7
Pirassunga 51 Cachaca    7
El Jimador Reposado    8
Siembra Azul Blanco    9
Siembra Azul Reposado    12
Del Maguey Mezcal “Vida”    12


Marolo Moscato Brunello, Barolo, Camomile    14
Marolo “Moscato Dopo”    27
Bertagnoli Grappanino    12
Bertagnoli Koralis    12
Altesino di Brunello  17 
Allegrini di Amarone    19

Amari & Bitters

Averna    7
Byrrh    7
Cio Ciaro    7
Cardamaro    7
Del Capo    7
Montenegro    7
Nardini    7
Santa Maria al Monte    6
Ramazotti    7
Zucca    7
Luxardo “Abano”    7
Luxardo Fernet    7
Fernet Branca    5


Nardini Cedro {Sorrento lemon grappa}    7
Tramontis “Myrto” {Blueberry “cello”}    7
Dimmi   {peach & apricot blossoms}      7
Luxardo “Sangue Morlacco”{Cherry}      7
Luxardo Amaretto   7
Luxardo Sambucca    7
Miletti Anisette    7
Carolan Irish Cream   {forget Bailey’s!!}      7
Drumgray Scottish Cream   {malt scotch}      7
B & B  7
Drambuie  ~ Frangelico  7
Kahlua  ~ Strega  7
Boulard Calvados “Pays d’Auge”    14
Kelt Cognac VSOP    16
Giles Brisson VSOP    12